About Us

Narrows Management has been providing the highest level of property management services for more than twenty five years.  From the head office to the managers in the field, we have an impressive reputation for delivering hands-on service and expert guidance.  Our primary interests are the physical and financial well-being of your property.  In that pursuit, Narrows Management has become an industry leader in the quality of service it provides.


We concentrate our resources on what we do best: 

Managing your property.  We care passionately about
buildings we manage, which is the special ingredient that sets us apart. Our attentive, responsive, ethical and dedicated professional staff and the intense effort they
give to your property are the keys to that special ingredient.
We understand the importance of professionalism.




Property Management Services

Financial and business analysis for each property on a monthly and annual basis. Customized reporting.

NYC and NYS Compliance. Federal applications, permits, licenses and required paperwork.

Building Management Operations. Physical supervision of all properties.

Availability of emergency personnel nights, holidays, and weekends.

Evaluation of all contract services including fuel, cleaners, supplies, equipment, etc.

Supervision, completion and certification of any violations and Local Laws.  

Qualification of all prospective purchasers and sub-lease tenants. Enforcement of by-laws, house rules and board resolutions.

Sales, rental, marketing and leasing support.

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8027 Third Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209