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We manage co-op, rental, commercial, and mixed-use properties:

  • Fully computerized accounting system, with separate financial reports for each property.

  • Financial and business analysis for each property on a monthly, as well as an annual basis. Customized reporting.

  • Qualification of all prospective purchasers, sub-lease tenants, enforcement of by-laws, house rules & board resolutions.

  • Physical supervision of all properties, repair-work order system.

  • Completion/follow up on all City, State and Federal applications, permits, licenses & required paperwork.

  • Supervision, completion and certification of any violations.

  • Availability of emergency personnel nights, holidays, and weekends.

  • Emergency phone number of the property manager on 24 hour basis.

  • Evaluation of all contract services including, fuel, cleaners, supplies, equipment etc.

  • Sales, rental, marketing and leasing support.

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